Sweetest DIY ever? These quick, easy and fetching felt baby shoes

There are few things more adorable than baby shoes. When you’re not squeezing those tiny feet and kissing cute corn-kernel-sized toes, you can bet those booties serve a purpose too by keeping little tootsies warm.
You can make these cute-as-a-button booties yourself with just a bit of felt, a needle and thread, and some laces. They're so easy to make that whipping up several pairs shouldn’t pose a problem. Pick several colors to go with different outfits because this is the only time you’ll have to dress up your little doll so endearingly! Before you know it, they’ll be on the move – shoes or no shoes — and you’ll be chasing after them. Consider this DIY too if you have a baby shower in your future. A pair of sweet and soft felt shoes will be much appreciated.
- 6-by-12-inch piece of felt
- Roll of pattern paper
- Fine-tipped marker
- Scissors
- Pins
- Sewing needle with an eye wide enough to accommodate a narrow shoelace
- Spool of thread in a color that harmonizes with the felt color
- Sharpie marker in a color similar to that of the felt
- Pair of thin suede shoelaces
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1. Lay the piece of felt out horizontally.
2. Fold it in half widthwise to create a 6-inch double-layered square of felt.
3. Cut three pieces from the pattern paper for the shoe: an oblong piece with curved ends for the back and sides that's about 4 inches long, an oval that's about 3-4 inches long for the sole with a slightly wider end to accommodate the toes, and a mushroom-shaped circular piece with an upper portion that’s a bit wider than the bottom. This piece should be about half the length of the sole.
4. Place the pattern paper pieces down on the felt. The oblong piece should be placed vertically on the left side of the felt, and the two smaller pieces should be put beside it.
5. Trace each piece with the fine-tipped marker, and put the pattern paper aside.
6. Cut the shapes out with the scissors. You will have a set of three pieces for each shoe.
7. Pin the wider part of each mushroom-shaped piece to the wide part of the sole pieces.
8. Pin the straight edge of the oblong piece to the other end of the sole, so it goes around the back of the baby’s foot. The curved ends should come up on either side of the shoe.
9. Thread your needle, and sew the pinned sole sections of the shoes to the other pieces using small, evenly spaced stitches, removing the pins as you go.
10. Stand the shoes up, and place the tongues inside the side pieces.
11. Place three dots with the Sharpie marker on each of the upper portions of the shoe’s side pieces.
12. Poke through through each of the three holes on either side of each shoe with the sewing needle.
13. Thread the shoelace through the needle.
14. Thread the needle and lace through the bottom holes in each shoe, so the lace makes a straight line on top of the tongue. Continue threading it in a crisscross pattern as you move on to the two upper pairs of lace holes. Tie each lace into a loose bow, and cut away any excess lace with the scissors.
15. Make your baby instantly fashion-forward by donning them with these adorable shoes, or give a pair as a present to your favorite mother-to-be.