Will the winter doldrums away by crafting this flower-accented spring sign

Welcome spring into your home with this simply beautiful sign DIY. Its natural elements will make you want to find a field of wildflowers, sit right down, and relax. A rustic wooden disk is the canvas for the project, while chalk paint in a violet hue harmonizes well with the lavender detailing on the bottom.
No worries about being a power tool whiz for this DIY, either. You just drill a small hole in the disk, thread some twine through it, and hang it in front of a window, above your mantel, or on your door as a gracious accent. After a long, dark winter, this DIY is the visual equivalent of taking in a breath of fresh air! This sign idea is adaptable as well. You could make versions for the other three seasons and one with a holiday theme too.
- Set of plywood letters
- Small fine art paintbrush
- Thin plastic gloves
- Jar of chalk paint
- Narrow, thick piece of wood, about 5 inches by 36 inches and about 2 inches thick
- Large wooden disk about 12 inches in diameter
- Woodworking clamp
- Heavy duty work gloves
- Electric drill with an auger bit
- Spool of thin rope twine
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun
- Glue sticks
- Faux floral stems — we used lavender
- Small cutting tool
- Roll of satin ribbon or pre-made satin bow
DIY Everywhere
1. Gather the plywood letters to spell "spring," and lay them on your work surface.
2. Put the thin plastic gloves on.
3. Brush a coat of paint onto the tops and sides of each of the letters. Make sure they’re thoroughly coated.
4. Allow the paint to dry.
5. Place the oblong board on top of the edge of the work table.
6. Place the wooden disk on top of the board.
7. Use the wood clamp to tightly hold these two pieces in place on the table’s edge.
8. Exchange your plastic gloves for heavy duty work gloves.
9. Drill a small hole with the electric drill and auger bit about ½ inch from the edge of the wooden disk at any point on it.
10. Brush away any excess sawdust.
11. Take off the work gloves.
12. Unclamp the disk and put it down on the work surface.
13. Cut an 8-inch length of twine from the spool.
14. Put the twine through the drilled hole in the disk, and tie a knot with the ends. This will allow you to hang the sign.
15. Apply glue along the back of the first letter of the word you’re going to spell on the sign.
16. Affix it to the left side of the middle portion of the disk.
17. Repeat steps 15 and 16 until all the letters are glued to the disk.
18. Allow the glue to dry.
19. Take the faux floral lavender stem and cut two 12-inch sections from it with the cutting tool.
20. Glue one of the pieces to the left edge of the disk, with the stem end facing inward toward the center of the disk. The lavender should extend beyond the disk’s edge.
21. Glue the other stem next to it, but on the right edge of the disk, also with the stem on the inner part of the disk edge.
22. Either cut 12 to 15 inches of satin ribbon and tie it in a bow, or gather your pre-made bow.
23. Apply a few drops of glue to the point where the ends of the faux floral stems meet in the middle of the lower edge of the disk.
24. Attach the bow to this spot.
25. Your sign is ready for display and will freshen up any space on which you hang it instantly.