Turn an old drawer into pretty enchanted decor for the garden

Fairy gardens are magical in every sense of the word for adults and children alike. The best part is that they are not only meant for the outdoors. Bring the enchantment of a fairy garden inside your living space with a gorgeous little haven to delight any guest.
Make this project your own as you let your imagination run wild. The DIY fairy garden is uncomplicated, and you can get pleasantly lost in the smallest details to bring it to life. Mix and match flowers and anything else you think belongs in this small, whimsical space.
- Wooden drawer (or box if you don't have a drawer)
- Hand sander
- Towel
- Chalk paint
- Paintbrush
- Four small wooden cubes
- Wood glue
- Wooden craft stick
- Green foam craft brick
- Mini handsaw or craft knife
- Four small wooden sticks of same length
- Twine or yarn
- Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
- Small sticks of various sizes
- Acorn tops
- Nest material
- Fake flowers
- Pliers
- Round cork pieces
- Cabinet knob
- Mini gnome (optional)
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1. Sand the drawer, and wipe away the dust with the towel.
2. Paint the drawer and four cubes with the chalk paint, leaving the inside bottom unpainted. Let it dry.
3. Turn the drawer upside down, and glue the four cubes to the edges of the four corners with the wood glue, spreading out the glue with the wooden craft stick.
4. Sand the outer edges again to create a rustic look.
5. Cut the foam brick in half, and fit it inside the drawer. You might need to cut down the edges so it fits evenly.
6. Cut two even pieces of twine or yarn about 6 to 8 inches long.
7. Gather the four sticks that are the same size, and hot glue the edge of the yarn to one of the sticks. Wrap around the stick once, and leave a couple of inches between the sticks before doing the same to the next stick.
8. Continue until all of the sticks are connected, and trim off any remaining twine.
9. Repeat step 7 and 8 for the lower part of the fence.
10. Apply a dot of hot glue on the underside of the acorn tops and attach one to each of the other sticks.
11. Cover the green foam bricks with nesting material. Glue it down in different spots so it doesn't fall out.
12. Stick in a stem of flowers, cutting the stem if it's too high.
13. Decorate the rest of the box with the items you've created: the fence, acorns, sticks and any other flower pieces. Use hot glue to secure the flower pieces.
14. Hot glue the round cork pieces in the garden.
15. Apply the cabinet knob to the front middle of the drawer, and secure it with hot glue.
16. Add a miniature gnome or fairy to complete the garden.
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