Make your dog a mouthwatering toy out of felt

If your dog is like most, it probably rips through toys faster than you can buy them. Between beds, food, medication and a constant stream of new plush toys, costs can add up quickly. Fortunately, this project alleviates one of those financial burdens completely.
Almost every crafting enthusiast has spare felt lying around, and this fun DIY project gives function to those extra scraps. Spend a few minutes on this upcycle, and you'll have an adorable dog toy that both you and your pup can feel good about.
- Tan, purple and brown felt
- Bread and jelly stencils (can be made simply from parchment paper)
- Marker
- Scissors
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Poly fluff
- Needle
- Thread
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1. Lay the tan strip of felt on a flat surface. Place the bread stencil close to one of the edges.
2. Mark around the perimeter of the bread stencil, and repeat this process a second time. Cut out both bread shapes from the tan felt.
3. Lay the purple felt on the same flat surface, and place the jelly stencil on top of it. Mark and cut out the jelly stencil from the purple felt.
4. Pin the jelly to a piece of felt bread, then sew around the perimeter of the jelly.
5. For the bread crust, serge one edge of a brown felt strip to the outer edge of the bread with jelly affixed.
6. Serge the free edge of the brown felt strip to the other piece of bread, leaving a small opening through which you can add stuffing.
7. Fill the toy as full of poly fluff as possible, then hand-stitch the opening closed.
8. Inspect the toast to make sure it's thoroughly closed and no fluff is escaping, then let your dog enjoy the fun new toy.