Transform burlap into a hanging planter for your home in a few simple steps

Burlap is a staple fabric found in many craft drawers with good reason. Time and again, this fabric proves useful in DIY projects, thanks to its durability, breathable quality and a unique texture that evokes country-chic style. It’s a fabric you can easily incorporate into your winter décor by pairing it with pine cones and just as easily include it in spring and summer themes when you match it with floral designs.
No matter what the season, burlap looks fantastic when combined with greenery. The contrast between colors and textures is eye-catching, and the burlap provides a rustic touch against the leaves. This makes it an ideal fabric for a DIY hanging planter. A bit of strategic sewing and a floral fabric lining are all you need to display everything from small flowers to succulents in your planter. Attach a length of twine to complete the look, and easily move the burlap hanging planter between rooms in your home with ease.
-1 panel of burlap
-Measuring tape
-Ceramic bowl
-1 panel of floral fabric
-Sewing pins
-Sewing machine
-Thread snips
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a panel of burlap on the work table, and measure out a 15 ½-7-inch rectangle before marking the dimensions in pencil.
2. Place a ceramic bowl upside down on the burlap next to the marked rectangle, and trace the perimeter in pencil.
3. Cut both the rectangle and circle from the fabric.
4. Repeat steps 1 through 3 using a panel of floral fabric to replace the burlap.
5. Fold the burlap rectangle and the floral rectangle in half, respectively. Pin the edge together where the ends meet on each.
6. Stitch the pinned ends together on both the folded burlap and the folded floral fabric.
7. Pin the circle of burlap that you cut out earlier to one of the openings of the burlap fabric that you stitched together. This will work as the bottom panel of the hanging planter. Do the same for the floral fabric, using the floral circle.
8. Stitch the fabric circles in place.
9. Turn the burlap and the floral fabric right-side out.
10. Line up the top edges of the two fabrics, and stitch them together. When they're successfully secured, the floral lining will be flipped inside of the burlap container.
11. Fold the top edge of the combined fabrics over to reveal the floral fabric covering the top edge of the burlap.
12. Snip a length of twine from the spool, and connect one end to a needle.
13. Hand-stitch and loop the twine through one side of the burlap directly underneath the floral lining.
14. Measure the circumference of the burlap planter, and stitch two additional lengths of twine to the exterior, making sure they're evenly spaced.
15. Gather the three free ends of twine, and knot them together at the top.
16. Fill the burlap planter with succulents, and hang it in your home from the twine attachment point.