Go for the faux and create a quick and easy plaster of Paris mini plant pot

Plaster of Paris is a gypsum plaster powder that dries rapidly when mixed with water and hardens into a porous material that takes paint well. Used for centuries, plaster of Paris is the basis for this contemporary faux plant pot DIY. The pot is the ideal sleek and simple accent for a faux succulent or other plant. You get all the beauty of the greenery, without any watering required!
After mixing your plaster of Paris with water and creating the planter with a mold, you can detail it in myriad ways. We chose to paint a bold band of color on the bottom of the planter with chalk paint, but you could add glitter to your paint, sponge the whole thing for a mottled effect, or apply playful stickers to the piece. Do whatever your heart desires and your space calls for. Fashion a few for gifts or to create a design statement that only a grouping of items can make.
- 5-pound bag of plaster of Paris
- Plastic bowl
- 1/2-cup scoop
- Thin plastic gloves
- Flexible silicone plastic cup mold with top opening that’s about 6 inches in diameter
- Masking tape
- Small fine-art paintbrush
- Chalk paint
DIY Everywhere
1. Put on the plastic gloves.
2. Scoop the plaster of Paris powder into the bowl. We used three 1/2-cup scoops.
3. Fill the measuring cup with water and pour ½ tablespoon into the scoop. Note: Check the instructions on the package of plaster for the specific amount of water needed; this varies from brand to brand.
4. Mix the water with the plaster of Paris using the ice pop stick. It should have the consistency of pancake batter. Put the bowl aside.
5. Fill the mold completely with the mixture, working quickly.
6. Shake and move the mold to help the mixture settle and to eliminate bubbles. Set aside to harden.
7. Gently peel the mold away.
8. Place a length of tape completely around the middle of the planter.
9. Coat the bottom portion, from the bottom of the tape to the bottom of the planter, with paint. Allow the paint to dry.
10. Peel off the tape.
11. Fill the planter with your faux succulent or other plant.