Fill the holidays with creativity and style: Craft a stocking from burlap

Bringing holiday cheer into your home often begins with hanging a stocking or two on the mantle. These festive stockings never fail to conjure up a sense of joy, perhaps combined with a touch of childhood nostalgia. While you can always purchase that perfect stocking with the help of a brand-name store, if you're looking to add personal flair to holiday décor, you'll want to consider crafting your own.
Burlap works wonders when it comes to this DIY holiday project and provides just the right texture for cutting and sewing the stocking into your desired shape. Lining the burlap with an interior stocking folded over the top brings an authentic finish to the final product. Add sparkle by incorporating a few gold-stitched stars to the trim, and you'll love the eye-catching contrast between the gold thread and burlap. Hang your stocking next to pine cones to emphasize the overall rustic charm.
-1 panel of burlap
-Stocking stencil cut to size from fabric
-Lining fabric, preferably white canvas, satin or cotton
-Sewing pins
-Sewing machine
-Ironing board and iron
-Gold thread
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1. Fold a panel of burlap in half horizontally, so the short ends meet evenly.
2. Position a fabric stocking stencil on top of the burlap. Fold 3 inches of the stencil over at the top to allow for excess lining length.
3. Trace the stocking stencil onto the burlap with a marker, and cut out the shape.
4. Fold a panel of white lining fabric, preferably canvas, satin or cotton in half and place it on the work table.
5. Position the stocking stencil on top of the white liner, leaving the top fully extended before tracing it onto the fabric with a marker. Cut the shape from the fabric.
6. Pin the perimeter of the two stocking burlap cutouts together. Leave the opening of the stocking unpinned. Do the same for the stocking cutouts of white lining fabric.
7. Stitch the two panels of the burlap stocking together. Do the same with the white liner stocking. There's an option to surge the edges of both as well.
8. Iron both the burlap stocking and the white liner stocking smooth.
9. Insert the white liner stocking into the burlap stocking, and flip the extra white fabric over the top edge of the burlap.
10. Stitch a loop onto the left top side of the stocking using twine and a needle to create a hanging attachment.
11. Draw three small stars in pencil on the white liner that’s flipped over the top of the burlap.
12. Hand-stitch over the star drawings with a needle and gold thread.
13. Hang the stocking by the twine loop to display in your home.

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