Design a charming tea tray from a drawer in just a few simple steps

When it’s time to throw out an old dresser, chances are there will be a small drawer or two that are part of the furniture looking to make its way out the door. Instead of letting those wooden drawers end up as waste, turn one into a tea tray in just a few easy steps.
Once you've painted the drawer in an elegant hue and fitted it with some well-placed decorative knobs, it will look lovely on your kitchen countertop, living room end table or coffee table, adding a country-inspired touch to home decorating. And, when you serve tea to guests, this unique tray will certainly inspire compliments. With options to mix and match stenciling patterns, you'll discover that designing a tea tray from a drawer is a creative way to indulge in a truly personalized DIY project.
-1 small drawer
-Sanding block
-Hand towel
-Protective paper
-Home Decor Chalk in Sage
-Round paint brush
-Plastic gloves
-Decorative stencil
-Home Decor Chalk in White Adirondack
-Small-tipped paint brush
-6 crystal knobs
-Hot glue gun
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1. Smooth down all of the surfaces and edges of the small drawer using a sanding block.
2. Wipe down the drawer with a hand towel.
3. Place a protective piece of paper down on the working surface, and center the drawer on the paper.
4. Paint the entire surface of the drawer in Home Decor Chalk. We used Sage, but feel free to change it up according to your preference. Be sure to wear plastic gloves during this step to avoid getting paint on your skin.
5. Position a decorative stencil in the upper right interior corner of the drawer.
6. Fill in the corner stencil design with Home Decor Chalk in White Adirondack using a small-tipped paint brush for added precision.
7. Move the stencil to each of the remaining interior corners and stencil on a design in paint. Consider adding a stencil pattern to the center of drawer's interior as well.
8. Flip the drawer upside down, so the stenciled interior is facing the table.
9. Apply a spot of hot glue to the back of a small crystal knob, and press it firmly to the upper right corner of the back of the drawer. Apply three additional knobs to the remaining corners in similar fashion.
10. Flip the drawer right side up, so it's resting on the four knobs and the stencils are facing up.
11. Apply hot glue to a fifth crystal knob, and press it to the center of the left side of the drawer. Repeat this step with a sixth knob, and press it to the right side of the drawer.
12. Place your newly designed tea tray on an end table, serving cart or countertop, and use it to serve tea to guests.

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