Craft feline fun with this DIY burlap cat toy

Every cat lover knows that felines have a mind of their own. This individuality is all fun and games when they're prancing around the living room and swatting at invisible insects, but it becomes less so when they start scratching up the furniture and knocking glasses of water onto the floor.
If your cat is acting a little restless, there's a good chance they simply need a new diversion, and this project will certainly do the trick. Take a few minutes, gather those extra materials sitting with your crafting supplies, and whip up a burlap toy that will keep your furry friend purring for days.
-Sewing pins
-Thick needle for twine
-Sewing machine or needle and thread
-Dowel rod
-Elastic lace trim
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut two pieces of burlap to the size and shape you would like for your cat.
2. Pin the pieces of burlap together, leaving one side open for stuffing.
3. Sew along the pins.
4. Through the open side of the toy, stuff a satchel of catnip and polyfil.
5. Cut elastic lace trim into a handful of 3 or 4-inch pieces, and pin them to the inner part of the open side of the toy, allowing them to dangle from the edge as much as possible.
6. Sew the open end of the toy shut, so the elastic trim is secured in place, and the filling can't escape from the burlap.
7. Thread a needle with 2 feet of twine, and tie one end to the top of the toy.
8. Cut two more lengths of twine the same size, and attach pom-poms by pushing a thick needles threaded with twine through the pom-pom; make sure they're spaced out sufficiently.
9. Tie the two lengths of twine with pom-poms and the twine attached to the top of the toy in a knot around the wooden dowel. Now you have a complete cat toy that you can grip from the safety of the dowel.