Create an extra-special kids' play space with this magical DIY curtain tent

Every child deserves a sweet space to dream, read and play. This tent DIY is made from a standard curtain and attached to a hula hoop. Who knew a classic toy could serve as the centerpiece for this easy project?
You can create this tent for your child’s playroom or bedroom, or hang it up when nieces, nephews or friends come to play. Choose a curtain to match your child’s bedroom theme, or make it from a fabric that harmonizes with the color scheme of your living area. That way, you can cook and go about your routines while your child is entertained and content. “Furnish” this special space with a pillow, stuffed animals and a book or two. It’s guaranteed to become your child’s go-to spot for imaginative play or a bit of quiet time.
- Curtain panel — standard measurements are 45-by-63 or 45-by-84 inches
- Scissors
- Sewing machine and serger (optional)
- Pins
- Small cutting tool
- Spool of dual duty XP white thread
- Sewing needle
- Tape measure
- Two small rolls of Velcro
- Hula hoop
DIY Everywhere
1. Unfold the curtain panel.
2. Use the full width of your curtain for this project, but hem it to your desired height.
3. Using your serger or sewing machine, finish the edges of the curtain.
4. Cut any excess thread away with the cutting tool after you release the fabric.
5. Fold over the edge of the curtain about ¼ inch, and pin the folded-over edge to the fabric.
6. Sew the folded-over edge to the curtain, removing the pins as you go.
7. Thread the needle with the dual duty white thread, and stitch by hand the area that will be the top edge of the curtain, so it’s gathered. Sew for a few inches, and gather the material, knot the thread, and cut the needle and thread away. Then stitch again at a juncture on the edge of the curtain that’s a few inches further down. Continue doing this until the top section can be gathered.
8. Don't completely sew up the top portion, but hand-stitch the gathered sections together loosely, so the top of the tent forms a small circle.
9. Knot the thread, and cut it from the curtain with the cutting tool.
10. Turn the curtain tent inside out.
11. Place the end of the tape measure about 15 inches down from the gathered top portion of the tent.
12. Place a pin at the point where the end of the tape measure hits the 15-inch point.
13. Repeat step 11 five more times, so pins mark these points around the curtain.
14. Cut two pieces of Velcro, each about 2½ inches long.
15. Place one piece of Velcro against the other, and make sure that when you sew them in a double layer to the fabric, the nubby sides of each piece will be positioned so they can surround the hoop securely and allow the fabric to hang.
16. Pin the ends of the double layer of one set of Velcro pieces to one of the points where you placed a pin to mark the 15-inch point in the curtain.
17. Sew the ends to the curtain with the sewing machine, and remove the pin.
18. Gather the top together and sew the remaining five sets of Velcro pieces to the inside of the tent, so it can hold the hula hoop. Remove the pins as you go.
19. Place the hula hoop on top of the curtain near the Velcro pieces.
20. Put each pair of Velcro pieces around the hoop, and connect them, so they keep the curtain attached to the hoop securely.
21. About 2/3 of the hula hoop will be covered with the top portion of the curtain, and the other 1/3 will not have fabric over it. It will serve as the tent opening.
22. Hang the tent, and present it to a special child in your life. They will enjoy endless ours of fun in this cozy space.