Transform artificial flowers into beautiful decorative decor that never dies

Wreaths are decorations that can transcend any season, contrary to many people think. They're not just for the holidays, but instead, wreaths can brighten up any wall or door at any time of year. All you need to do is find the wreath and supplies to match your personality, style and the season you're decorating for.
Creating your own wreath is an ideal way to put your creativity to use, all while brightening up your decor just in time for spring. Gather a few simple supplies that can be found at your local hobby store. We recommend finding different sizes and shapes of flowers to add dimension to your wreath.
-Faux flower vine
-Faux filler flower, such as hydrangeas, baby's breath, or something similar
-Floral wire
-Crafting wire
-Wire cutters
-Metal forming pliers
-Plaster of paris (4 cups)
-Water (2 cups)
-Measuring cup
-Plastic container
-Ceramic glaze paint in pink, yellow and green
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1. Take a faux flower vine, and bend it into a circle. Adjust the circle to the size you would like your floral wreath to be, and cut off any excess with clippers.
2. Cut a piece of crafting wire to match the size of your wreath, and intertwine the ends of the wire, so a circle is formed. Use pliers to clamp the wire ends together, so they're secure and not sticking out.
3. Fasten the floral vine to the wire circle with floral wire. Wind the floral wire tightly, and cut off any excess.
4. Fill in any gaps in the wreath with filler flower, and fasten with floral wire.
5. Mix plaster of paris with water, according to the product instructions, in a plastic container. In the video, we mixed 4 cups of plaster of Paris with 2 cups of water.
6. Submerge the wreath into the plaster mixture, and pull it out. Hold it over the plastic container for a moment to let any extra plaster drip off.
7. Place the wreath on a scrap piece of paper, and allow it to dry, typically about 20-30 minutes.
8. Once dry, paint the leaves and flowers with desired colors using ceramic glaze and a paint brush.
9. Tie a ribbon to your wreath, and hang it from a hook or nail.
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