Want to create your own underwater play set? All you need is a shoebox

Are you looking for a fun yet easy craft to do with a child? This underwater play set is uncomplicated, cheap, fun and cute! What's more, your child can even get involved in making the play set, which will give them an entirely new appreciation for their toy.
Create this unique craft with your niece, your friend's son or your own child on a rainy afternoon, and bring it out whenever playtime needs to be scheduled indoors. You can find all the materials that you will need in a craft store, and the shoeboxes collecting dust in your closet will create the perfect backdrop.
- Shoebox
- Craft or scrapbook paper
- Glittery craft or scrapbook paper
- Washable invisible glue
- Hot glue gun
- Small underwater animal toys
- Popsicle sticks
- Pencil
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Remove the lid from an old shoebox, and place the box on top of a piece of craft or scrapbook paper. The paper should be reminiscent of an undersea adventure. (We used paper with a blue background and white circles resembling bubbles.) Trace two lines with the pencil around the outside of the box, lining the other two edges of the paper up with the box itself. Then cut the paper down into a square or rectangle that will be about the size of the bottom of the box.
Tip: It helps to leave the edges of the box a bit below than those of the paper when lining it up. This way, the paper will fit perfectly inside the box without needing to be folded or cut a second time.
2. Use clear, washable glue to affix the paper to the bottom inside of the shoebox. Smooth the glue down with your fingers after placing the paper against it, and stand the box up. The place where you glued the paper will now be the back of the box, making it look like a play set. Set it aside for now.
3. Cut your glittery paper — we used a kind of sea green color — into long, wavy seaweed. You should be able to make at least three or four of these, depending on the size of your box. To give them variety, try cutting some to have two leaves and others to have three.
Tip: The paper for your seaweed should be very thick, so it will easily stand up on its own.
4. Place a thin layer of hot glue on the flat bottom of each piece of seaweed, and affix them to the bottom of your play set. Stagger them so they're not all right next to one another — this will give the play set added depth.
5. Buy a few sea animal toys from the craft store. These are small, plastic, prepainted and inexpensive. Use your hot glue gun to affix these small toys to the ends of Popsicle sticks. Hold the toy to the Popsicle stick for 10 seconds while the glue does its job.
Now, you and your child can play with your underwater play set, making the fish, crabs and other sea life attached to Popsicle sticks move gently through the water.