Buy felt balls at the store and mimic this darling concept

Wall art is one of the quickest ways to revamp the style of a room. Switching up a fun piece of wall art changes the color scheme and vibe of a room in an instant. With some wire and felt balls, you can make your own personalized wall art in an afternoon.
We used a variety of colors following a specific pattern; you can get as simple or complex as you like with colors. We made the shape of a heart, but you might consider your initial or another shape. When hanging your design, hang the line from the points that will bear the weight without sacrificing the shape you create.
Tip: Use thicker wire than specified below if it fits through the needle and/or the felt balls easily. It will help the structure sturdier and hold its shape better.
- 26-gauge crafting wire
- Tapestry needle
- Round-nose pliers
- Felt balls
- Wire cutters
- Tape
- South Bend monofilament line
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Thread your tapestry needle with the wire. Twist the end around the length of wire to secure it on the needle.
2. Thread the felt balls onto the wire, pulling the needle and wire through the very middle. For our project, we used 40 felt balls.
3. Once all the felt balls are on the wire, use your wire cutters to snip the wire off the needle. Cover the end with tape.
4. Pull the wire so it is as long as the length on which your felt balls are threaded. Snip the wire and thread the needle in the same way you did at the beginning of the project.
5. Double back and sew the wire through the felt balls again to close a loop. Tip: If pulling the needle and wire through the felt balls becomes difficult, try using a pair of pliers for a better grip.
6. Once you have the wire sewn through all the felt balls for the second time, trim the wire and secure it by wrapping it around the existing wire.
7. Use your hands to set the wire in the shape you choose.
8. Cut a length of line and tie both ends to your wall art to hang it.
This is an easy way to add a pop of color with a fun, youthful vibe. Consider this for a nursery decoration, too!