Collect clothespins & reproduce this project

Clothespins were indispensable in the past, but they are irresistible now in DIY projects. These sturdy little pieces of wood combined with modern paint color choices make eye-catching and practical coasters for any table. Coasters are common but don’t have to be commonplace!
The craft optimizes the utilitarian design of these amazing little tools, with the tiny grooves carved to accommodate the metal fitting. Pull them apart, and you'll see how the grooves are natural boundaries for Mondrian block art designs. You can use the cool, beach colors that we have chosen, or go full Mondrian using black and red and white.
- 4 wooden clothespins
- Small hot glue gun
- Paint tray palette, glass or plastic
- Chalk paint, Folk Art Home Décor in "Paris Gray"
- Chalk paint, Folk Art Home Décor in "White Adirondack"
- Chalk paint, Folk Art Home Décor in "Cascade"
- Chalk paint, Folk Art Home Décor in "Turkish Tile"
- Chalk paint, Folk Art Home Décor in "Maui Sand"
- Small paintbrush
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1. Remove metal fittings from clothespins and separate.
2. Align the clothespin pairs.
3. Hot glue a strip along the side of a clothespin.
4. Attach the two halves of one clothespin.
5. Paint the grooves carefully with Maui Sand.
6. Paint the small end with Turkish Tile.
7. Paint the small rectangle with White Adirondack.
8. Paint the middle section with Cascade.
9. Paint the large end with Paris Gray.
10. Turn the pair sideways, and continue the color scheme on the side.
11. Allow to dry, and continue the color scheme on the other surface and other side.
12. For the next pairs of clothespin sections, paint using a different color pattern.
Pro tip: Always use the sand color in the grooves for consistency.
13. Allow each section to dry completely.
14. Alternate the direction of the pairs.
15. Glue the sections together using the hot glue gun.
16. Enjoy a delicious beverage using your sturdy, water-resistant coaster!

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