Don't throw out those old curtains. Upcycle them into a decorative headboard.

Your bedroom is your own personal oasis — the one room that, no matter what, should make you feel comfortable, at peace, and truly relaxed. To help achieve this aesthetic and feeling, the design should fit your style.
Basic headboards are out. The latest fashion trend is all about fabric and texture. To help upgrade your favorite room, you can create a headboard with supplies you probably already have on hand: old curtains. If you don't have curtains that fit this project, find some at a thrift store and get to work.
- Square wood dowels for frame. Here, we used 3/4 by 48 inches (1.905 by 121.92 centimeters), but you can adjust the length for the size of your bed. You'll also need two shorter pieces, cut to 24 inches (60.96 centimeters) for the vertical frame parts.
- Pencil
- Clamp
- Hand saw
- Sander
- Wood finish
- Paintbrush
- Power drill
- Screws long enough to fit through both pieces of wood (used here: #8 wood screws, 1.5 inches/3.81 centimeters)
- Fabric crayon or pencil
- Fabric scissors
- Curtains of various types, cut into strips
- Long ruler or measuring tape
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1. Sand wood pieces so all edges and sides are smooth.
2. Stain the wood according to your color preference.
3. Screw one longer wooden piece on top and bottom of the shorter piece at a 90-degree angle, 4 inches (10.16 centimeters) in from the edge of the longer piece. Repeat this for the other side.
4. Cut the curtain into strips 34 inches (86.36 centimeters) long. Tip: Cut multiple layers at once to make this go faster. The number of strips you cut determines how see-through the headboard will be.
5. Tie the strips to one horizontal side (the longer piece of wood), and then tie a second round of strips to the already-tied strips. Tie them all in the middle or at different lengths to add dimension. Then, tie the ends of those second strips to the other piece of horizontal wood.
6. Cut off any extra fabric once tied to the horizontal pieces.
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