Grab a sock & copy this idea

Being able to recycle things we no longer use is a outstanding opportunity. It feels good when we can reuse something in a new and exciting way. So, the next time you find yourself with a sock that's missing its mate, why not turn it into a cute, functional scrunchie?
Scrunchies are a fun throwback to the '90s and a nifty way to reuse an old sock. They're easy to make, even if you don't have too much experience with sewing, and you can give them away as gifts or keep them for yourself. Be prepared to bring back the scrunchie in a big way with this fun and simple DIY.
- Sock
- Elastic
- Needle
- Thread
- Sewing machine
- Safety pin
- Measuring tape
- Scissors
- Pins
DIY Everywhere
1. Place a sock on a clean, dry work surface. Turn it on its side, and measure 4 inches from the hole at the top. Cut 4 inches off the top, then measure out 4 inches from the middle portion where the arch of your foot goes. Cut the heel and the toes off, so you have another 4-inch portion exactly like the first. Discard the rest.
2. You should now have two 4-inch sock cylinders. Cut the sides of both so that they're now two flat pieces of fabric. Place them on top of one another, turning the outside of the sock inward on both sides. Now, pin the two pieces of fabric together at the short end on the right-hand side. Use a sewing machine to sew these sides together, removing the pins as you go.
3. Lay the piece of fabric flat on your work surface again. Pin the long sides together, so that the original outside of the sock is facing inward. Sew these two sides together using the sewing machine, removing the pins as you go.
4. Now, you have a long tube with a hole in the middle. Cut a piece of elastic that's about half as long as the tube — or as tight as you want the scrunchie to be. Next, scrunch up the fabric to turn it inside-out. The outside of the fabric will now show. Attach a safety pin to the end of the elastic to make it easier to thread through the scrunchie. Scrunch up the fabric, and feed the elastic through, unpinning the safety pin when you're done. Once the two ends meet, use the safety pin to pin the ends of the elastic together, and hand-stitch them together, or use a dollop of glue to attach them firmly.
5. Feed one side of the scrunchie into the other, so you won't be able to see where they meet. With a needle and thread, sew the two sides together. Use thread that approximately matches the color of the sock, so the stitches will be less noticeable. Tie off the thread in a knot, and cut it with scissors or thread cutters when finished.
And there you have it! An adorable scrunchie made completely from inexpensive and reusable materials.