Grab faux leaves and wire cutters & copy this home decor

Short on time but in serious need of tabletop decor? Your dining room will look polished and party-ready in just a few minutes with this autumn-themed centerpiece. All it takes is a handful of faux leaves and flowers, a bucket and a scrap of lace ribbon. It's so simple to create, even the most beginner DIYer will be able to whip together a centerpiece that looks better than one from a store.
Even though the centerpiece in this tutorial has more of a fall flair, it’s easy to customize for any season. Crocuses, daffodils and tulips would look lovely for spring, or make summer come early with sunflowers and zinnias. To save money, consider repurposing flowers and foliage from old wreaths. In any case, don’t skimp on the leaves — plenty of greenery elevates the project from a basic bouquet to a striking centerpiece.
- Faux leaves
- Faux flowers in fall colors
- Wire cutters
- Decorative bucket in white
- White lace, 3 inches wide and about 12 inches long
- Scissors
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
DIY Everywhere
1. Trim leaves from branches using wire cutters.
2. Place the leaves in the decorative bucket.
3. Arrange the yellow, orange and red flower among the leaves, trimming or folding the stalks if necessary.
4. Tie a large bow with the lace ribbon, and trim the tails.
5. Hot-glue the bow to the front of the bucket.

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