Fill 'er up: Create super cute cubby shelves from old drawers and display away!

A set of cubby shelves mounted in an entry hall could be perfect for keeping keys or a phone charger while sprucing up a bare wall beautifully if filled with interesting and meaningful objects. Provide instant character by picking liner papers and something fun or interesting to display in each box.
A design elements that adds even more visual interest has to do with the way the drawers are connected and oriented. Rather than simply connecting them in a straight row, mix things up a bit by joining them in a quirky, asymmetrical way. The sky’s the limit in terms of what the boxes can hold.
Select diminutive figurines, antique marbles, dice or three very different collectibles or mementos. When mounted on the wall, the boxes’ interiors can be filled, and you can also put something on top. This project is all about having fun and making the piece your own.
- 3 small square or rectangular drawers with pulls or handles
- Ruler
- Pencil
- 12-by-12 sheet of cardboard
- Clear plastic measuring template
- Scissors
- 3 sheets of contact paper or wallpaper remnants with different patterns
- Jar of Mod Podge
- Paintbrush with a 1 1/2-inch head
- Bottle of waterproof Tight Bond III Ultimate Wood Glue
- Wooden craft stick
- 2 small spring clamps
- 2 pair of Command picture hanging strips
DIY Everywhere
1. Place one of the drawers so the top faces up.
2. Measure its length and width, and jot down the figures.
3. Mark these same dimensions on one corner of the cardboard with the pencil.
4. Place the transparent plastic measuring template on top of the cardboard, line it up with the pencil marks, and draw lines connecting the two inner sides of the square (not the cardboard edges) with the pencil.
5. Cut out the square with scissors.
6. Place the cardboard square in the drawer to make sure it fits snugly.
7. Take it out and put it on the work surface.
8. Line up the cardboard template on top of a corner of one of the pieces of patterned paper.
9. Trace the cardboard’s edges onto the patterned paper with the pencil.
10. Cut out the patterned paper square and put it aside.
11. Repeat steps 8 to 10 with the other two sheets of patterned paper.
12. Coat the inner bottoms of each of the drawers with Mod Podge.
13. Place a piece of the patterned paper into each one and press down so it makes contact with the Mod Podge and adheres to the bottom of the drawer.
14. Arrange the three drawers before gluing. The middle one should have the drawer pull facing down, and the other two should be turned 90 degrees so the handles face out.
15. Apply a bit of wood glue to the lower half of the back of the drawer on the left, and spread it evenly with the craft stick.
16. Affix it to the upper portion of the side panel of the middle drawer. Wipe away any excess glue.
17. Clamp the drawers together, where they are connected by the glue, with the spring clamp.
18. Apply a thin horizontal line of wood glue to the bottom third of the back of the drawer on the right, and spread it evenly with the craft stick.
19. Affix the third drawer to the upper third of the middle box’s exposed side. Wipe away any excess glue.
20. Clamp the second and third boxes together with the other spring clamp.
21. Allow the wood glue to dry before removing the spring clamps.
22. Flip the glued drawers over on the work surface so the open sides face down.
23. Unpeel a Command strip so its adhesive side is exposed.
24. Place the Command strip's adhesive backing horizontally on the back of the drawer on the right. The curved end should face toward the right.
25. Place the other adhesive backing horizontally on the back of the drawer on the left. Its curved end should face left.
26. Select a wall space where you’d like to hang the piece.
27. Unpeel the other two Command strips and place them on the wall so they’re spaced correctly and will line up with the strips on the backs of the boxes.
28. Hang the piece so the Velcro sides on the backs of the drawers connect to the Velcro sides of the strips on the wall.
29. Fill the cubbies with the items you've chosen.

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