This whimsical garland made from clothespins suits every occasion

For party decor that exudes timeless charm, look no farther than this DIY garland. The wooden stars and round clothespins are so adorable, you can decorate your wall with them long after the party is over. Plus, paper garlands can have a cheap, flimsy appearance, but this decor’s sturdy construction stands up to almost anything you throw at it.
One highlight of this garland is the endless customization options and occasions to use it. Die-cut animals painted in an array of pastel colors would look stunning in a nursery or toddler’s bedroom. When decorating for a birthday party, consider stars, flowers or other shapes painted in silver or gold. To instantly accent a living room wall, create a garland with your favorite shapes and colors that complement the rest of the room.
- Wooden stars, 3 big and 2 small
- Scrap piece of wood
- 5 round wooden clothespins
- Hand clamp
- Electric drill
- Drill bit
- Sanding sponge
- Disposable glove
- Twine
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in Glacier
- Folk Art Home Decor Chalk Paint in White Adirondack
- Chalk paint in four colors (tutorial uses pink, yellow, green and purple)
- Small paintbrush
- Scissors
- Wood glue (optional)
DIY Everywhere
1. Clamp a wooden star to a block and sturdy workbench. Drill two holes side by side about a half-inch apart below the top point of the star. Sand the holes.
2. Put the disposable glove on the hand that will not be holding the paintbrush, and paint the front and back of the star with Glacier chalk paint. Allow the star to dry.
3. While the star is drying, paint a clothespin with White Adirondack chalk paint. Allow the clothespin to dry.
4. When the clothespin and star are completely dry, slide the clothespin onto the star between the bottom two points. The star should fit snugly in the clothespin. If necessary, apply wood glue to secure the pin to the star. Allow the glue to dry.
5. Repeat steps 1 to 4 with the remaining stars and clothespins. Paint each star a different color.
6. Unroll and cut a piece of twine several feet long. Tie an overhand loop knot into one end of the twine.
7. Thread a big star onto the twine through the holes. Repeat with a small star.
8. Continue adding stars in this pattern until all of them are on the twine.
9. Tie an overhand loop knot into the other end of the twine.

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