Collect a sock and a pair of scissors & copy this nifty DIY

Upcycles are all about creating something that feels high-end from something inexpensive. They can also be made from an item that no longer serves you in a functional way. Almost no DIY better embodies both these transformations than the easy task of making a pencil case out of a mateless sock.
We recommend using fuzzy socks, which have a nice aesthetic and will give your soft pencil case the best overall look. If you have a fuzzy sock whose mate has gone missing, this is the perfect option for you to get use out of that single sock. What's more, you can keep the pencil case in your office, take it on the go, or gift it to friends and family members over the holidays. It all depends on how many socks you want to use.
- Sock
- Scissors
- Serger
- Pins
- Zipper
DIY Everywhere
1. Place your sock on a clean, dry work surface. Turn it over so the back is facing upward, and smooth down the edges, including the heel, which you should allow to curve slightly toward the top of the sock. Use a pair of scissors to cut around this curve, and discard the ankle portion of the sock.
2. Cut a long line down the middle of the sock on its front side. Stop at the seam for the toes. Open up this cut, turn the sock inside-out, and use pins to attach the top two flaps to the open end of the sock. Use a serger to sew the open end of the sock shut, so that it resembles the other end where the toe seam is.
3. Unzip your zipper, and pin it to the outside of both sides of the hole in the sock. Use the serger to attach the zipper to the sock, removing the pins as you go. Turn your sock inside-out again; the zipper will be attached on the inside.
You now have a stylish, soft and thrifty pen and pencil case that's perfect for your purse, your laptop bag or your office drawer. Wherever you choose to use it, it will be elegant and easy to transport.