Holey socks? Don't toss them. Make them over into something neat

Whether they have holes, lost a partner or are simply never worn, socks are overflowing in dresser drawers around the world. If you're looking to clean out that sock drawer and discover a whole garbage bag's worth of socks that need to be thrown out, hold on — there's no need to waste them!
As far as repurposing goes, the humble sock is one of the most versatile choices there is. As you clean out your drawer, keep these tutorials in mind. You may be surprised by what you can create from last year’s socks. 
How to make a teddy bear with a sock
Few things are more cozy and comforting than a soft, cuddly teddy bear. And it seems that little ones can never have enough of them. You can create a whole new crew of teddy bears with unused or singled-out socks. Draw a few pattern lines on the sock, and hit the sewing machine. You can finish this easy project in an afternoon. Get the tutorial here.
Sock vases
Displaying natural elements throughout your home can bring warmth to your environment and allow for some personal touches. Dressing up plain dollar-store vases is one way to create a unique vibe to your decorations without spending a fortune. Grab a few old dress socks, and with a couple of snips and your sewing machine, you can create easy covers for your vases. 
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How to make a kitten from a sock
Instead of letting an old sock go to waste, you can fashion an adorable kitten for the little one in your life. This is an exceptional project for those socks that have lost a partner, too! And the project is surprisingly accessible, even for a sewing beginner. Consider letting younger crafters complete this themselves, with your supervision. With a few lines drawn on your old sock and some careful snipping and stitching, voila! A new little kitten friend emerges. Get the tutorial here.
How to make dryer balls with socks
One way to cut down on waste in your home is to replace dryer sheets with more eco-friendly, reusable dryer balls. They last for dozens of washes and can be made from clean wool socks that you'll cut into strips and wrap to make a ball. Grab your old pantyhose, and use it to wrap up your dryer ball, so it can be washed and dried. Make a couple for a complete set, and enjoy a static-free life without so many trips to the garbage. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a wine bottle wrapper from a sock
Showing up to a dinner with a bottle of wine as a gift for your host will instantly make you a favorite guest. Of course, wrapping up the bottle can be tricky. Bags may break, shattering your gift, and a simple ribbon can be bland. Try slipping your bottle of wine into a festively-colored sock, wrapping the top with a ribbon. Slip a branch with artificial leaves for added dressing up.  Get the tutorial here.
How to make a door stopper with socks
Nothing chills a cozy winter evening like a stray draft making its way under your door. By combining a few socks and filling them with rice, you can make an easy, low-cost door stopper. The rice will make your door stopper heavy enough to block out any draft, or keep an unruly door from slamming shut. Get the tutorial here.
How to make a phone pouch from a sock
You just picked up that new phone, and now you may start realizing how many times in the day you nearly drop, scratch or dirty your phone. You can make a classy phone pouch with one of your old socks and a needle and thread. Simply cut the foot off a sock, and pick out your favorite, vintage-inspired button. Sew up your case and just like that, your new gadget has an old-school protector. Get the tutorial here.

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