Save some cotton swabs and try these nifty ideas

Cotton swabs can be handy for applying ointment to scrapes or removing nail polish, but they also are terrific to use as crafting items. Whether taking the place of a paintbrush or being the star of the show, cotton swabs can be more than just utilitarian. From snowflakes to Broadway letters, transform cotton swabs into something funky and original.
A package of cotton swabs is very affordable, and many dollar stores carry them. When selecting swabs to use for these projects, choose ones with tightly wound cotton at the tip — frizzy cotton will make the crafts look messy.
Make snowflakes
Transform cotton swabs into gorgeous, glittering snowflakes. This is a fun project to do with children and doesn't take very long. Use whatever color glitter you want. Try varying shades of blue, or go with traditional gold or silver. Get the tutorial here.
Make cotton swab flowers
Cotton swabs are perfect for emulating flower stamens, especially the ones in this crepe paper lily. Fake leaves provide the support to keep the paper petals in place. Use whatever vase you want to create a custom look. For example, use a mason jar in a country kitchen or a crystal stem vase for a room with casual elegance. Get the tutorial here.
Make a custom wine glass
Are you seeing spots? That's the goal of this project. Cotton swab tips make ideal paintbrushes for different-colored dots. You also can create patterns and other designs with the dots, including flowers. To learn how, watch the tutorial here.
Make cotton swab art on canvas
When finished, this cool artwork looks like a unique audio wave. In fact, if you have a particular wave you like, duplicate it with cotton swabs — you don't have to stick to the given pattern. Also play around with color groupings and hues to create a scheme that goes with your decor. Get the tutorial here.
Make a cotton swab birthday card
Create a 3-D birthday card with an adorable cupcake on the front with a cotton swab as the "candle" sticking out of the frosting. Use any paper colors desired to make a custom, one-of-a-kind gift for your special someone. To learn how to get the candle to stay in place, watch the tutorial here.
Make a cotton swab letter
This project gives star treatment to a loved one's initial. Reminiscent of lit-up Broadway marquees, this craft personalizes anyone's space. Place it in a child's room, or make one to brighten up a dorm room. Use one color for the letter and swabs, or use one color for the letter and a contrasting or complementary one for the letter. Get the tutorial here.

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