Perfect your self-care routine with an easy DIY hair wrap

Nothing ruins a freshly applied face mask like a few wispy stray hairs working their way down into the mixture. Once that happens, a quick night-time cleansing routine or self-care session also involves trying to get that mask out of your hair, which may not be so easy. Instead of fighting to keep your hair out of the way, try making this quick and easy DIY hair wrap from a pair of socks you never wore.
Although this tutorial works with any long pair of socks, using a pair of the soft, squishy house socks that have gained popularity in the last few years will give the wrap a luxurious spa feel. This is a fun hand-sewing introduction for younger sewers, too.
- 2 socks
- Fabric scissors
- Straight pins
- Sewing machine
- Needle and thread
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1. Turn the socks inside out.
2. Use fabric scissors to cut off the toes of the socks and the top opening edges.
3. Secure the two bottom edges together with straight pins to create one long tube from the socks.
4. Sew the two ends together on the sewing machine.
5. Sew a small seam along one side of the entire tube on the sewing machine.
6. Turn the tube right-side out. Line up the two ends and hand sew them together with a needle and thread.
7. Put the two toe pieces on top of one another, and use a few straight pins to keep them together.
8. Wrap them around the seam you sewed by hand, and pin the toe pieces together around the seam.
9. Hand sew the ends of the toe pieces together, securing them over the seam.
10. Adjust the small ring so its seam is toward the center of the wrap.