Measure seven 1 1/2-inch strips and create this cute project

The most glaring blank spaces in a home are often the easiest overlooked: that empty expanse of wall facing the front door, the barren wasteland of counter space next to the toaster, or the lonely surface of the nightstand in the guest bedroom.
Small as these spots may be, a little something decorative and full of character can do wonders to spice up the overall appeal of your home. With a canvas, a spare strip of fabric and a few supplementary materials, you can create a quilt-like piece of art that reads as both classic and out of the ordinary.
- Spare fabric to be cut into 1 1/2-inch strips
- Scissors
- X-Acto knife or rotary cutter (Note: Use only a metal ruler if cutting with an X-Acto knife. The rotary cutter is an alternative method.)
- Metal ruler
- Canvas
- Craft mat
- Hot glue gun
DIY Everywhere
1. Lay the fabric flat on the craft mat, and use your ruler to measure seven 1 1/2-inch strips.
2. Cut the strips of fabric.
3. Lay the canvas flat on the craft mat. Make seven slits in the canvas measuring 1 1/2 inches apart.
4. Starting at the top of the canvas, take the first strip of fabric and weave it in and out of the canvas slits.
5. Repeat this process with the rest of the fabric strips, alternating the pattern. For example, if the first strip of fabric goes over, under, over, under, then you will want the next strip to go under, over, under, over.
6. Once each of the fabric strips has been interwoven with the canvas, you should have a checkered pattern. Turn the canvas over, and affix the strips of fabric to the back with the hot glue gun, wrapping the spare ends of fabric around the corner of the canvas before gluing them down.
7. Trim loose threads from the fabric strips' edges with scissors. Now you can proudly display your new work of art in your home.