Create the most adorable kitten from an old sock

Surprise the little ones in your life with a kitten of their very own — and this charming kitten won't stir up allergies or require a litter box. That's why creating a stuffed animal version of your favorite household pet is the ideal compromise: You can love on this adorable and stylish stuffed animal without having to worry about the jobs that come along with pet ownership.
This project is fairly simple, and you probably already have most of the supplies. Gather your favorite colors in the materials listed below, and get to work. You can create your cuddly new pet in less than an hour, and keep it for yourself or gift it to a proud new owner.
- One sock (per kitten being made)
- Scissors
- Fabric marker
- Pins
- Sewing machine
- Needle and thread
- Poly-Fil
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1. Turn your sock inside out.
2. Flatten and straighten the sock on your work surface, so there are no wrinkles. Cut across the sock right above the heel.
3. Repeat step 2, but this time cut right below the heel. Discard the piece of fabric with the heel.
4. With the longer ankle portion of the sock fabric that's left, mark the cat's outline using the fabric marker. At the opening, draw diagonal lines down from each corner, and then a straight line across to form the ears and a "V" slightly at the sides. Draw a straight line down from the ankle opening. Each marking should only go in about 1/4-1/2 inches.
5. On the other piece of fabric, draw equal straight lines down from the top to create four separate strips.
6. Cut out all the lines you marked on both pieces of fabric.
7. Pin the strips you cut, as well as any open sides on the body of your kitten, excluding the bottom opening. This is where you will eventually stuff the Poly-Fil.
8. Sew along the pinned edges.
9. Flip the body of the kitten right-side out, and mark two eyes and a nose with the fabric marker.
10. With needle and thread, sew the marks you just created for the kitten's face.
11. Stuff the body of the kitten with Poly-Fil, then hand-sew the bottom closed.
12. Turn the four strips right-side out. You can choose to stuff them with a little Poly-Fil or leave them empty. Sew the two arms and two legs to the body of your kitten.
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