Paint a popsicle stick with chalk paint. & create this dingy chic concept

The world of aesthetics is often broken down into binary terms: minimalist or maximalist, vintage or modern, bold or subdued. It's no wonder that people whose tastes are a bit more complex than those pairings can feel overlooked by standard design pieces.
For decor that's outside the box, you just might have to take matters into your own hands. If you love a touch of color, can't get enough of pattern play, and want to give any room in your home a more dynamic look, then this is the perfect DIY for you.
- Canvas
- Popsicle sticks (around 65)
- Two colors of chalk paint
- Paint brush or brushes
- Hot glue gun
- Plastic gloves
DIY Everywhere
1. Set aside about 20 Popsicle sticks, and after donning your plastic gloves, paint the 20 sticks with your first color of chalk paint.
2. Allow the first set of Popsicle sticks to dry, and repeat the same process with another 20 sticks using your second color of chalk paint.
3. Leave the remaining Popsicle sticks their natural color. After all the sticks are dry, select one you painted with the first color, and align it vertically with the bottom left corner of the canvas.
4. Adhere the first Popsicle stick in place using the hot glue gun.
5. Place a naturally colored Popsicle stick directly beside the first one, but staggered slightly so the top of the second stick is taller than the first one. Glue the second Popsicle stick in place.
6. Repeat step 5 using a Popsicle stick painted with the second color of chalk paint. Continue with the same process until you've staggered six sticks.
7. After reaching the peak of the pattern, begin the descent by placing a Popsicle stick painted with the first color of chalk paint next to the stick at the pinnacle, staggered so its top is slightly lower than the one to its left.
8. Continue to glue Popsicle sticks progressively lower using the same color pattern four more times; at that point, the bottom of the lowest stick should align with the bottom of the canvas.
9. Having completed the first "wave" of the pattern, repeat that entire process three more times, at which point you should have covered the width of the canvas.
10. Start on the top row. Repeat the same steps used with the bottom row, only this time the top row's highest Popsicle sticks in the pattern should abut the top of the canvas.
11. Complete three "waves" of the Popsicle pattern once again, mirroring the shape of the bottom row. Once you've covered the width of the top half of the canvas with Popsicle sticks, simply allow your new work of art to dry, then find a favorite spot to display it in your home.