Create a stylish wine-bottle wrapper from a sock in 3 simple steps

For all you partygoers out there, wine can be just the right thing to present to a gracious host, as it not only shows appreciation, but caters to the guests as well. Instead of heading out to purchase a gift bag or simply handing the bottle over to your host, create a stylish and unique wine-bottle wrapper from a sock.
A colorful adult sock fits perfectly over the top of the wine bottle and adds a decorative touch at a minimal price point. Wrapping a white ribbon around the top of the wine bottle neck keeps the sock in place, and an artificial sprig of leaves adds a pop of color inspired by nature. The sock-wrapped bottle also works as a centerpiece on a party table until it’s ready to be opened.
- Clean adult sock, preferably in a dark color and with ruffled edges
- Wine bottle, empty if the final product is decorative, or filled if it’s a gift
- White ribbon, about 12 inches long
- Sprig of artificial leaves
DIY Everywhere
1. Pull a colorful sock over the end of the wine bottle, and continue until the bottle is covered. Allow the sock's opening edges to extend past the top of the bottle.
2. Tie a length of white ribbon into a pretty bow around the neck of the bottle.
3. Slip the stem of a sprig of artificial leaves under the center of the bow, so the leaves cascade down over the bottle.