Trace around a round piece of dried orange and build this rustic idea

Those whose personal style veers to the rustic side of eclectic often find themselves stuck with art that feels like its pandering to Americana. Or they feel like they're gazing upon the same, tired designs that have been recycled for years.
If sleek, clean lines aren't really your thing, but you don't want to decorate your house with vintage street signs and farmhouse shutters either, then gather some yarn, a canvas and dried fruit — you'll have a captivating piece of canvas art to dress up your living room or bedroom in no time.
- Canvas
- Round piece of dried citrus fruit
- Hot glue gun
- Natural fiber yarn
- Pencil
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the round piece of dried fruit in the center of the canvas, and outline it with pencil.
2. Draw seven uniform petals around that shape, so they originate inside of the circle and extend toward the outer edges of the canvas. After that, you'll have a flower outline on your canvas.
3. Trace the edge of one of the petals with hot glue, and place yarn on the glue immediately. Outline the entire petal this way.
4. Once the perimeter of the first petal is defined with yarn, repeat the same process with the petal directly across from the first one without cutting the yarn, so a figure-eight shape emerges.
5. Follow these same steps until you've outlined each of the seven petals with yarn. At that point, cross back to a petal you've already outlined.
6. Fill in the petal using the same method of hot gluing with progressively smaller rows of yarn until the entire petal is covered. Trim the yarn.
7. Repeat step 6 with the other six petals, until the entire flower shape has been covered with rows of yarn.
8. Line the rind of the dried fruit with hot glue, then fix it to the center of the flower shape. Once the glue has dried, your new piece of art is ready to grace your walls.