Cut a cotton swab in half & create decor with an instantly elevated look

Looking for cute and customized bedroom decor? This papier mâché letter outlined in cotton swabs adds a personalized touch to anyone’s space. The swabs recall the classic aesthetic of marquee lights, giving the letter a funky twist and plenty of visual interest. Consider switching up the paint colors to suit the style of the room or the taste of the person you’re making it for.
There's no shortage of opportunities to create one of these decorative letters. Boys and girls of all ages will love having their initial painted in their favorite color. Give one as a gift to the college freshman in your life to display in their dorm room. You could even make all the letters to spell a word, such as “gather” to adorn the dining room or “family” for the living room.
- Papier mâché letter E
- Cotton swabs
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Wire cutters or heavy-duty scissors
- Folk Art Home Decor chalk paint in “Vintage Victorian”
- Paintbrush
- High-temperature glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
1. Measure and mark the middle of a cotton swab.
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Cut the swab in half.
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2. Paint the middle part of the cotton swab with “Vintage Victorian” or pale pink chalk paint.
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Repeat for the other half of the swab. Allow the paint to dry.
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3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 until you have several dozen swab pieces.
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4. While waiting for the swab pieces to dry, paint the papier mâché letter with the same color used in step 2. Allow the paint to dry completely, then paint a second coat.
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5. Once the paint on the letter and swabs is dry, begin attaching the swabs to the edge of the letter. Start by putting a line of hot glue on the top right corner of the E.
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Press a cotton swab half into the glue with the cotton tip facing forward.
6. Continue adding cotton swabs along the top edge of the E, spacing the swabs about ½ inch apart. Add swabs in this way along every edge of the letter.
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7. Once you’ve outlined the letter with swabs, you’re ready to display and enjoy!
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