Tulle isn't just for tutus anymore: Fashion this garland and celebrate every day

There’s nothing that exclaims “party time” like a festive garland. Centuries ago, natural materials such as vines and flowers were used to make them, but today's garlands pop up with absolutely everything as an adornment, from letters of the alphabet to tassels and pom-poms.
This DIY garland couldn’t be simpler to make or prettier. The tutorial uses ethereal tulle and an ingenious homemade cardboard tool to create frothy balls that hang from the strand. The sky’s the limit when it comes to colors. Go for a rainbow of tulle explosions in bright colors if you want high energy, choose a pale, serene hue for a more unified effect, or use a luxe metallic. The end product makes a bold statement despite the delicacy of the tulle. Hanging garlands only for holidays is so last year – add instant spirit to your space with this one, all year.
- Roll of tulle in preferred color (Tutorial uses gold)
- Scissors
- 8 ½-by-11 piece of cardboard
- Spool of clear fishing line
- Roll of narrow satin ribbon
- Sewing needle with a large eye
DIY Everywhere
1. Cut a circle from the cardboard that’s about the size of a doughnut.
2. Cut a small circle, about 1 inch in diameter, in the center of the circle.
3. Unroll some of the tulle, and place the doughnut on the end of the piece of tulle.
4. Wrap the tulle around the entire doughnut, from top to bottom, about 20 times.
5. Cut the wrapped tulle from the roll with the scissors.
6. Cut a 6-inch piece of fishing line from the spool.
7. Slide one end of the fishing line through the wrapped fabric and next to the outer edge of one side of tulle.
8. Bring the fishing line across the tulle and out through the other side of the doughnut hole.
9. Tie the fishing line in a tight knot, and cinch the center of the wrapped tulle.
10. Bring the ends around the tulle again, and tie another knot.
11. Trim the fishing line ends with the scissors.
12. Cut the tulle that’s wrapped around the two outer edges of the doughnut.
13. Take the tulle out of the doughnut, and fluff it up into a ball.
14. Unroll and cut about a yard of the narrow ribbon from the spool.
15. Thread the needle with the narrow ribbon, and position the needle about 1 inch down from the end of the ribbon.
16. Bring the needle and ribbon through the center of the tulle ball, and position the ball at the other end of the piece of ribbon.
17. Make four or five more tulle balls and string them on the ribbon, being careful to space them evenly.
18. Tie each end of the garland in a loose knot so you can hang it up.