Save your Amazon boxes and copy these nifty ideas

In today's world, nothing can be more irritating than waste — for example, online purchases that arrive in boxes four times the required size. Although you can't do much about the packing peanuts, you can reuse boxes to make useful items.
Empty boxes from Amazon can become handy home organizers, from toilet paper holders to toy boxes. All the projects here involve covering the outside of the box in some manner to make it attractive and help match your decor.
Bathroom storage
Decorated with cute fabric and rope, a plain cardboard box turns into stylish storage for hand towels, toilet paper and other bathroom essentials. If you have a few boxes of different sizes, make a complete set for all your bathroom organization needs. Get the tutorial here.
Drawer organizers
No matter how many times you fold and sort the clothes in your drawers, does it seem like they immediately become a mess? Grab an Amazon box and some wallpaper to create chic drawer organizers. Customize your drawer storage to match your needs, and you'll never struggle to find that certain shirt or favorite pair of socks. Get the tutorial here.
Toy boxes
Sick of toy clutter? Instead of breaking the bank on toy boxes, make your own with Amazon boxes and fabric. If your child has toys in every room in the house, make one for each room. If you have a couple of little munchkins, choose different fabric combinations to keep toys separated. Get the tutorial here.
Burlap storage boxes
Create a homey look with this functional storage box covered in burlap. Use it to hold hand towels, guest washcloths or scented soaps in the bathroom. Organize spices, makeup, hair accessories, and just about anything else. Get the tutorial here.
Remember those paper lanterns that cast shadowy images on the wall? Recreate that childhood whimsy with this lantern lit with LED fairy lights. Cut out any design you like, from butterflies and hearts to knightly shields and stars. Get the tutorial here.
Running out of planters for cuttings? Make a unique planter using two Amazon boxes. Customize the paint job and the fringe to go with the room's decor. Get the tutorial here.
Star decor
This craft evokes the charm of old-fashioned tin stars but without the inevitable rusting. Use colors that complement or contrast with a room's decor. This design looks especially nice on the walls of an enclosed porch. Get the tutorial here.

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