Snatch up pieces of leather and a ruler & reproduce this DIY

The prospect of misplacing jewelry holds a particular kind of horror for everyone who enjoys a good adornment. After all, jewelry is often quite valuable — either sentimentally or monetarily. Because of this, jewelry dishes are a necessity in most households.
Still, run-of-the-mill ceramic containers that may break if accidentally knocked off your bedside table might not feel like the best way to keep track of your jewelry. Fortunately, this project offers a trendy and functional DIY alternative that will add a little bit of rustic flair to your organizational efforts.
- 2 pieces of leather or faux leather
- Spray adhesive
- Paper or newspaper
- Ruler
- Pen
- Quilting clips
- Pushpin
- Needle and embroidery floss
- Scissors
- Leather glue
- Leather paint
- Stencils
- Paintbrush
DIY Everywhere
1. Place paper or newspaper on a flat surface, and lay leather strips facedown on top of it.
2. Apply spray adhesive to the backs of the leather strips, being careful not to get any beyond the borders of the paper below.
3. Fold one of the leather strips over on top of the other, pressing it firmly and flatly so the two backs adhere to each other.
4. Choose the size you'd like your jewelry dish to be, then measure a square with those dimensions using your ruler, and mark them with a pen. Trim the leather to fit that shape.
5. Once you've cut out the shape, pinch the corners of the square with quilting clips. While the corners are clipped, check the top edge of the dish for any separation, and apply leather glue wherever the two strips haven't fully adhered; apply more clips to the edge where you added new glue.
6. After the glue has dried, remove the clips. Push a pin through each of the corners, and sew a small tack with embroidery floss through the hole to keep the corners in place.
7. Examine the top edge of the dish, trimming any excess where one strip of leather juts out above the other.
8. Using the leather paint and the paint brush, paint the top edge of the dish. Place the stencil in the base of the dish, and apply paint wherever desired. Once the paint has dried, your new leather jewelry dish is ready to keep your precious accessories safe and sound.