Press and through each pencil mark with a pushpin and make this painless project

The right pair of earrings can put the finishing touch on any outfit. Whether it’s a glamorous upgrade to daytime work attire or a little sparkle to transition into evening wear, earrings are a small accessory that can make a big difference. Setting aside time to create a pair of earrings is an effective way to incorporate personal style into your accessory collection.
They might be small, but unfortunately, the price tag connected to a dream pair of earrings at the store can be daunting. This DIY project doesn’t take long, is budget-friendly, and makes it simple to design earrings that incorporate elegance into your look using only leather, gold chains and beads. The result is a lightweight and eye-catching pair of earrings just as suitable for the office as for a nice restaurant. Even more exciting is that a trip to the store for supplies might not even be necessary as many of the items to create this look are likely already somewhere in your crafting box.
- Swatch of leather or faux leather
- Crescent moon template or other earring shape
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pushpin
- Gold chain
- Wire cutters
- 10 bead pins
- 10 star beads
- 2 needle-nose pliers
- 20 jump rings
- 2 earring hooks
DIY Everywhere
1. Flip a swatch of leather or faux leather upside down so the textured side is flat on the work table and the smooth side faces up.
2. Trace a crescent moon twice onto the back of the leather with a pencil.
3. Cut both crescent moons from the leather.
4. Using the crescent moon template, mark the position where the earring hook will be placed at the top with a pencil.
5. Mark five evenly spaced points at the bottom of the template in pencil using a ruler for accuracy.
6. Position the template on top of one of the leather earrings, and press and through each pencil mark with a pushpin. Repeat this step with the second leather crescent moon.
7. Cut 10 pieces of gold chain to a preferred length using wire cutters. The tutorial uses 1.25 inches.
8. Thread a single star bead onto a bead pin, and bend up the end of the pin using a pair of needle nose pliers to secure the bead. Trim away excess wire, and repeat this step with the other 9 star beads and pins.
9. Attach a star bead to the end of one length of gold chain with a jump ring, using both needle-nose pliers to hold onto the bead and crimp the jump ring.
10. Attach a length of gold chain with a star bead to one of the earrings by running a second jump ring through the end of the chain and threading it through one of the five holes along the bottom of the earring.
11. Repeat steps 9 and 10 until all of the star beads and chains are attached to the earrings.
12. Thread and secure an earring hook through the top hole of each crescent moon earring by crimping it closed with needle-nose pliers.

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