Remove the breast pocket from the shirt and put together this easy concept

A pocket can make a statement! Changing the pocket on an old shirt is an easy way to give it new life and new style. The tutorial uses a shiny pink leather pocket with matching thread on a dark Oxford-type shirt, creating a chic and smart look. Imagine, though, the effect if we had used more of a natural suede pocket, changing the shirt to something appropriate for a hoedown. For a fun look, we could have used a pink shirt with a lime green pocket and contrasting thread.
Be mindful of the fabric of the shirt relative to the weight of the leather for the pocket, and match the weight of the two. For instance, a heavy leather pocket on a lightweight shirt would sag. Instead, choose something lighter.
- Cotton button-down shirt
- Seam ripper
- Ironing board
- Iron
- Ruler
- Pen or sewing marker
- Piece of leather
- Fabric scissors
- Quilting clips
- Sewing machine
- Thread matching the leather
DIY Everywhere
1. Using the seam ripper, carefully remove the breast pocket from the shirt.
2. Unfold seams and put the pocket on the ironing board. Iron the pocket on both sides.
3. Put the pocket on the leather piece, and smooth it out.
4. Trace around the pocket onto the leather using the ruler to create straight lines. Leave an extra inch at the top.
5. Cut out the pocket.
6. With the inside up, fold down the top inch and secure with quilting clips.
7. Sew along the bottom of the fold.
8. Fold the sides and bottom in about one-half inch, clip and stitch the edges, removing clips as you go.
9. Trim the squared edge at the fold at the top of the pocket.
10. Carefully pin the pocket to the shirt, pinning through the underside, folded, part of the pocket. Any holes you make will be permanent, so be careful.
11. Sew around the edge of the pocket, attaching it to the shirt. Use the first line of stitching as a guide, and sew parallel to those lines.
12. Trim excess threads.