Whip out some lace & copy these nifty ideas

Nothing feels more elegant or delicate than lace. From accents on clothing to household decorations, lace comes with a certain air of style. If you have any lace that you haven't been sure what to do with, these projects will leave you feeling inspired.
You can transform areas of your home, spruce up your wardrobe, or create beautiful gifts for special people in your life. These ideas for lace will inspire you with endless possibilities for how to create masterpieces and fill your schedule with exciting and new DIY projects. Keep reading to find a new favorite.
Earring organizer
Jewelry lovers will find a lot to like about this project that creates a gorgeous and timeless earring organizer out of lace and a picture frame. A vintage frame paired with lace gives it a classic look, and this new organizer will transform any space. The best part is the organizer is completely fabulous and functional all at the same time. Get the tutorial here.
Table runner
Table runners have been around since the Middle Ages and were something royalty used as a way to keep dinner tables clean. The good news is you don't have to be part of a royal family to lend an air of sophistication to your home. Whether you're hosting a dinner party or just sprucing up a decorative table, this table runner will serve the purpose. Classic, elegant, with a touch of sophistication, this runner helps make anyone walking by feel like a king or queen. Get the tutorial here.
Pillow cover
Wanting to redecorate your living space but not sure where to begin? Changing the pillows in one room can sometimes make all the difference. This simple project easily transforms a throw pillow or insert into something elegant and gorgeous. Just gather a few pieces of lace, and let the transformation begin. Get the tutorial here.
Dressy collar
Feel dressed up no matter the occasion with help from a little lace. Adding lace to collars is a simple way to heighten any look. Throw your "new" shirt on with jeans for a more casual vibe, or dress it up for date night. The options are nearly endless. Get the tutorial here.
Cowl scarf
This all-lace scarf screams confidence, and you can add it to almost any outfit. Dress it up, or add it to a jeans and sweater for a more casual, day-time look. Being a fashionista has never been easier. Get the tutorial here.
Photo holder
Running out of picture frames? Tackle this project that adds plenty of display space for photos. Now, you'll be able to look back and reflect on your favorite memories any time you want, whether the photo holder takes center stage in a living room, bedroom or dorm room. Get the tutorial here.
Wall art
If the walls of your home cry out for color and art, create a hanging with lace instead of a typical picture. Customize it with different sizes of hoops and your selection of flowers. Create a timeless masterpiece from lace and flowers, and hang the gorgeous decoration for any room in your home. Get the tutorial here.
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