Collect a handkerchief and a pair of scissors & copy this DIY clothing

Needing an amazing gift for an upcoming baby shower? Or wanting to create something special for your own little one? This baby bib made from an old handkerchief is a terrific way to do just that. It's an especially thoughtful gift if you have a handkerchief that was passed down in your family.
This project is relatively simple to create, and the reaction when the mama-to-be opens her baby's new bib will be priceless. All you need is an old handkerchief and a few other things you can pick up at your local hobby store. The only thing left to do is take pictures of the precious little guy or gal wearing their new bib.
- Handkerchief
- Baby bib stencil
- Fabric marker
- Scissors
- Bias tape
- Pins
- Sewing machine
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1. Lay your handkerchief on a flat working surface, and trace the outline of the bib stencil with the fabric marker.
2. Cut out what you just traced.
3. Pin bias tape along the edges of the backside of the bib, leaving the top for now. Cut to fit.
4. Sew along where you pinned until the bias tape is sewn flat against the back of the bib.
5. Pin bias tape along the back side of the top of the bib, leaving long strands on both sides. This is how you'll tie the bib.
6. Fold the longer strands on the side in, and pin.
7. Sew along where you pinned.
8. Your beautiful gift is now ready to be wrapped.
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