She-shed DIY cloud mobile with tulle

Tulle is a cloud-like material, and in this fun craft, a simple technique makes puffballs out of the amorphous tulle. Attaching dreamy moon and star shapes adds to the ethereal effect of this lovely mobile.
Of course, mobiles can be for babies, too, and if you're using the project for that purpose, consider using bright colors and be sure to place the mobile high enough above the crib to avoid entanglement. But this is so cute it might find its way into an older child's bedroom, or into a she-shed that's seeking a soft and fanciful decoration.
- Tulle, 5 inches wide
- Cardboard circles, 5 inches with 3-inch center hole, 3 inches with 1 ½-inch center hole.
- 6 white pipe cleaners
- Embroidery hoop, 12 inches
- Fishing line, medium weight, cut into six 12-inch lengths
- One sheet metallic shimmer paper
- Templates for moon, big star and small star, each about 4 inches
- Pen or pencil
- Cutting shears
- Adhesive — we used Tear Mender
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1. Create the cardboard circle templates by drawing a 5-inch circle and a 3-inch circle on cardboard. Cut out the centers.
2. Roll out about a foot of tulle.
3. Place a large circle on the tulle, and fold it over so tulle is on both sides.
4. Fold it over many more times to make a pillowy wad on each side, about 12 times in all.
5. Taking one pipe cleaner, reach through the tulle to the open center of the circle, and wrap the pipe cleaner around the tulle sheets several times.
6. Cut the tulle at the edge of the circle. Your tulle is now bow-shaped and secured in the middle.
7. Stretch out the sheets of tulle in all directions, making a puffball of the fabric.
8. Make two more, for three large puffs in all.
9. Repeat the wrapping procedure with the smaller circle, being sure to hold the tulle carefully as you wrap, since the tulle is wider than the template.
10. Cut the tulle at the edge of the circle. Your tulle is now bow-shaped and secured in the middle.
11. Stretch out the sheets of tulle in all directions, making a puffball of the fabric.
12. Make two more, for three small puffs in all.
13. Wrap around the ends of the pipe cleaner on one large puff to attach to the embroidery hoop.
14. Continue wrapping the puffs, alternating large and small, to create a circle of puffs.
15. Taking the fishing line, cut six lengths: four at 12 inches, one at 10 inches and one at 9 inches.
16. Tie one end of one of the long fishing line around the embroidery hoop between a small and large puff.
17. Continue to tie the fishing line between the large and small puffs.
18. Tie the other end of the fishing lines onto the small cardboard circle.
19. Fold the metallic paper in half, shiny-side in.
20. Trace the outlines of the moon and stars templates.
21. Cut out the shapes from the metallic paper.
22. Squeeze out adhesive to cover the back of one side of the metallic shapes.
23. Align together the two sides of the metallic shapes.
24. Slip about 1 inch of the end of a fishing line into each shape before the adhesive dries, smoothing each one carefully.
25. Tie the other end of the fishing line onto the ring of puffs, spacing them equally.
26. Hang the mobile by the small circle.
27. Find a comfortable spot to sit under it, and dream away!

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