Your pet will thank you forever with this luxury pet bed DIY

Conventional wisdom dictates that dogs are man's best friends, and anyone lucky enough to have a pup can confirm it. It's no wonder that most pet owners go to great lengths to ensure their dogs are comfortable and happy.
For crafty animal lovers, this project brings together two great loves: upcycling and their precious canines. This DIY will turn the potential eyesore of a dog bed into a trendy decorative piece that you'd be barking mad not to display proudly in your living room.
- Large drawer
- Pencil
- Cardboard
- Metal ruler
- Rotary cutter
- Crafting mat
- Pillow
- Large strip of fabric
- Scissors
- Fabric pencil or marker
- Staple gun
- Four metal table legs
- Drill
- Screws
- Removable wallpaper
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1. Place the drawer upright, and put the cardboard across the open top. Mark the cardboard where the drawer's edges hit.
2. Use the ruler to create an outline of the drawer on the cardboard from the pencil markings.
3. Place the crafting mat beneath the cardboard, and cut out the rectangular outline using the rotary cutter. Put the cardboard in the drawer to ensure that it fits, then remove it.
4. Lay the fabric on a flat surface, and place the pillow on top of it. Place the cardboard rectangle on top of the pillow.
5. Make sure that there's enough fabric around the edge of the pillow and cardboard to overlap onto the cardboard when pulled tight. Mark the fabric where it hits a few inches inside the edge of the cardboard.
6. Trim the fabric where it is marked; the result should be a rectangular swatch that is a fair amount larger than the pillow and cardboard. Place the pillow and cardboard in the middle of the trimmed fabric.
7. Pull the edges of the fabric up onto the cardboard and staple them in place. Do this with the entire perimeter of the fabric, then flip the piece over; this forms the cushioned interior of the dog bed.
8. Turn the drawer upside down and place the first table leg at the lower right corner; mark where each of the leg's screw holes fall, then drill holes at those points. Next, drill screws into the holes to attach the leg. Repeat this step at each corner.
9. Turn the drawer upright so it sits on its new legs. Measure the wallpaper against the right and left edges of the drawer; trim them with the rotary cutter on the crafting mat to fit.
10. Remove the backing, and apply the wallpaper to the outsides of the dog bed. Insert the cushion, then place the bed proudly in your living room or bedroom for your dog to enjoy.

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