This fun DIY takes creativity to new heights using tulle to make a butterfly

The best fabrics for DIY projects are often those that have unexpected qualities and tulle happens to be one of them. Tulle is a material that appears beautifully delicate while actually being quite strong thanks to its hexagonal netting. Its lightweight nature makes it simple to manipulate into shapes while the variety of colors available means crafters can use it to create one of a kind products with ease. While tulle is often used as an accessory fabric for wedding gowns or evening wear, it’s elegant appearance also makes it an ideal addition when creating a DIY butterfly.
A tulle-winged butterfly can be added to a vase of flowers when it’s time to change up a home’s interior look with some spring flair. This butterfly can also be used as a table decoration for a gathering of friends and might even be the perfect touch for a child’s birthday party. There is no sewing involved in creating this butterfly from tulle and it does not take long to get these crafts up and flying.
-30 gauge craft wire
-Wire cutters
-Pink tulle
-24 gauge craft wire
-3 large pearl beads
-18 gauge green floral wire
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1. Measure out 10-inches of 30 gauge craft wire.
2. Cut the craft wire to length using wire cutters.
3. Shape the wire into a circle leaving approximately 1-inch of wire on both ends.
4. Twist the two ends of the wire together to keep the circle in place.
5. Cut a length of pink tulle from the spool.
6. Wrap the tulle around the wire circle from top to bottom. Gather the excess fabric around the wire ends and twist the tulle around the ends to secure it in place.
7. Create three identical wire circles and cover them in pink tulle using the same technique as in steps 1 through 6.
8. Stack the four tulle-covered wire circles on top of each other and wrap 24 gauge craft wire around the extended ends to attach them together. Trim away any excess wire as needed.
9. Pull each of the four tulle-covered circles out and away from the center of the stack to create the appearance of butterfly wings. Two circles should be positioned left of center and two should be positioned right of center.
10. Cut a long length of 24 gauge craft wire from the spool and wrap it twice around the center of the four wings leaving one end facing up.
11. String three large pearl beads onto the end of the wire that’s facing up so that the beads stack vertically between the two sets of tulle wings.
12. Twist the remaining wire around the back of the tulle butterfly and position it next to the second wire end. Shape the ends into the antenna and trim away excess wire as needed.
13. Twist one end of an 18 gauge green floral wire around the wire that protrudes from the back of the butterfly leaving several inches of the green wire extending down.
14. Place the tulle butterfly into a vase to display.

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