Create your own Southern-inspired wall art from your next Amazon box

Once the delivery man leaves and you’ve opened your Amazon order, you are left with a large empty box. It’s a shame to throw it away, but boxes quickly litter an entire house if they go unused. Rather than throw away your next Amazon box, create some Southern-inspired star decor.
Although the tutorial uses a rustic red, you can paint these any color that matches your decor. Try making other shapes using these same techniques for a child’s room or kitchen. 
- One large side (plus flaps) from an Amazon box
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Precision knife (X-Acto or other brand)
- Cutting mat
- Hot glue gun
- Newspaper or large piece of cardboard
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint in Currant
- Paintbrush
DIY Everywhere
1. Using a pencil and ruler, sketch a star on the larges piece of the cardboard.
2. Put the cardboard on a cutting mat, and cut out the star with a precision knife.
3. Make a mark at the center of the star, and draw lines to the inside corners of the star, intersecting the mark.
4. Cut along the lines to get kite-shaped sections. 

5. Draw a line lengthwise on each section, and use the precision knife to lightly score each each line.
6. Fold the sections along the scored lines to create a 3-D effect.
7. Repeat steps 4 to 6 with all the sections.

8. Arrange the folded sections into in a star.
9. Use a hot glue gun on the lines of each section to secure them together. On the underside of the star, add a line of glue along the section lines to be sure they stay together. 

10. Put the star on the newspaper or large piece of cardboard. Paint the star, and let it dry completely.

Get the look for a fraction of the price you'd spend purchasing this in a store.
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