Collect an Amazon box & reproduce this concept

Everyone's guilty of it: relegating a drawer or two of their dresser to total disarray, stuffing it to the brim with little rhyme or reason. If you're sick of the sock drawer looking as if it has been hit by a tornado, the answer may simply lie with a spare Amazon box.
A little logistical know-how and a creative vision, along with these instructions, will allow you to transform even the messiest drawer into a neatly organized space. And, because you're doing good by helping the environment, your smile will match the iconic Amazon smile!
- Measuring tape
- Pencil and paper
- Amazon box
- Rotary cutter
- Cutting mat
- Utility knife
- Ruler
- T-square ruler (optional)
- Precision knife
- Hot glue gun
-Hot glue sticks
- Peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper
- Scissors
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint in "Glacier"
- Medium paintbrush
- Small paintbrush
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1. Measure the drawer you want to organize, and write down the length, width and depth.
2. Place the Amazon box bottom-up on the cutting mat, and remove the flaps with the utility knife. Set them aside.
3. Measure the drawer length on the bottom of the box, and mark it in pencil. Use the T-square ruler, and draw a line at that mark on all three sides of that end of the box.
4. Cut along the pencil line with the utility knife, and set scraps aside.
5. Hold up one of the spare flaps to the edge of the trimmed box, and mark where the box meets the cardboard. Trim the flap to this size with a precision knife or rotary cutter.
6. Attach the trimmed flap to the open edge with the hot glue gun by tracing the three edges with glue, creating a box once again. Trim any cardboard that hangs over the edges.
7. Glue the flap inside the box to the bottom.
8. Measure remaining spare pieces against the open top of the box, and trim them to fit that space. The pieces will create the bottom of the organizer. You may need to glue together multiple pieces to fill the length of the box.
9. Roll out a section of wallpaper that matches the bottom piece. Measure the piece against the wallpaper and outline it, then cut the wallpaper along the outline with scissors.
10. Carefully apply the trimmed piece of wallpaper to the bottom section, keeping it smooth and free of excess. Set this section aside.
11. Measure across the box, and mark that length on remaining spare sections of cardboard. These will serve as dividers, so create as many as you need.
12. Trim the dividers where you marked them with the precision knife or rotary cutter. Once cut, apply wallpaper to both sides of the dividers, and set them aside.
13. Cover the inside of the box with chalk paint. Don't worry about covering the bottom, because the larger wallpapered piece will go here.
14. Once the paint has dried, apply hot glue to the bottom of the box, and insert the wallpapered section of cardboard. Press firmly, and allow the glue to set.
15. Apply glue to the edges of the dividers, and carefully insert them into the box, pressing firmly in place.
16. Use a smaller paintbrush to add chalk paint around the top edge of the dividers.
17. Let the organizer fully dry before putting it into the drawer.

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