Lady gets some lace from the craft store, hangs up the best decor on her wall

Think about the last time you took a photo of something. Did you use your phone or a camera? Did you print out the picture, or are your photos just sitting in the memory of your phone or computer? Most of our images are stuck on a device and seen only every now and then when we have to sift through them to make room for more. Instead of letting those memories fall to the back of your mind, try displaying your pictures with a handmade photo holder.
Lace trim provides the ideal material for hanging those valued images. You can choose from dozens of lace designs and types to match your unique style. And with your creativity, you can turn a plain corkboard into a beautiful backdrop for your precious reminders of times with loved ones. 
- Scrapbook paper
- Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive
- Corkboard 
- Lace trim
- Quilting clips
- Hot glue gun
- Hot glue sticks
- Scissors
- Ruler
- Pencil
- Painter’s tape
- FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint, “Currant”
- Paintbrush
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1. Lay your scrapbook paper pattern-side down. You may want to do this on a piece of plastic, newspaper or scrap cardboard to protect your working surface. Spray the back of the scrapbooking paper with Gorilla Heavy Duty Spray Adhesive. 
2. Quickly after you spray your scrapbook paper with the adhesive, place it on a square piece of corkboard. You will want to measure and cut your corkboard to fit the paper. 
3. Flip the piece over, so the paper is facing up. Lay your lace trim across the top of the board, and clip it in place. For this, you can use small quilting clips or binder clips.  
4. Once the lace trim is arranged and held in place, flip the board over. Use a hot glue gun to secure the lace on the back of the corkboard. 
5. Continue adding as many pieces of lace trim as you’d like, following the same steps. Once you've securely glued the lace trim on the back, trim the excess with thread snips or embroidery scissors. 
6. Lay down your protective layer as you did in step 1. On the top edge of the second piece of corkboard, measure and mark the middle point. If you're using a 12-by-12-inch corkboard as we did, you should make a mark at the 6-inch point. 
7. Place a piece of painter’s tape from that middle point to the bottom right corner, creating an angled line. Place another piece of painter’s tape from the middle point to the bottom left corner. This should give you a triangle in the middle of your corkboard. 
8. Using FolkArt Home Decor Chalk Paint and a paintbrush, paint the middle triangle on the corkboard. We used the color “Currant,” but you can choose whichever color best matches your aesthetic. 
9. Once the paint is dry, carefully peel off the painter’s tape. Use another color of chalk paint to fill in the rest of the corkboard. We chose to use two different colors for these side sections. 
Tip: Use a smaller, straight paintbrush to carefully paint the edge along the middle triangle, then use a bigger brush to fill in the rest of the section.
10. Once all the paint is completely dry, drape your lace as you did in steps 3-5. Use small clothespins on the lace to hang your favorite pictures.