Shop for a doily at the store and copy this easy concept

You wouldn’t believe how easy it is to make this macrame-inspired wall art. All it takes are four materials and five steps to transform a simple doily into a stunning focal point for your living room or bedroom wall. Position the finished piece next to a simple silver vase for an understated style or next to a collection of lush green potted plants for that picture-perfect jungalow vibe. This doily wall art is so versatile that it complements almost any decor.
The doily is a little thicker than the fabric usually put into an embroidery hoop, so be sure to pull it extra tight before trimming the edges. The macrame cords will also help hold the doily to the frame. Thick craft yarn will work just as well for this purpose if you don’t have any macrame cord available. Go for the same white, yellow and gray color scheme used in the project for a look that’s both cheerful and earthy, or experiment with whatever materials you have on hand.
- Large doily
- Large embroidery hoop
- Macrame cord in white, yellow and gray
- Scissors
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1. Separate the inside from the outside of an embroidery hoop. Drape the doily over the inner hoop. Slide the outer hoop over the doily, and tighten the screw.
2. Turn the hoop upside down. Pull the free edges of the doily tight until it's secured by the hoop. Trim the edges. Turn the hoop right-side up, then set it aside.
3. Cut a piece of white macrame cord that’s at least 6 inches long. Cut 15 pieces of white cord total, plus three yellow cords and two gray cords.
4. Fold a white cord in half. With the embroidery hoop in front of you, push the loop through a hole in the doily just right of the embroidery hoop’s screw. Thread the tails of the cord through the loop, then pull tight. You should now have one decorative fringe on the top edge of the hoop.
5. Continue adding cords in this way, spacing them about 1 inch apart. Complete this pattern around the hoop: three white, one yellow, three white and one gray. Repeat the pattern until the final yellow cord loops through the embroidery hoop’s screw.
6. Your doily wall art is ready to hang and enjoy!