This doily-covered stone is delightful as dining table decor

Love centerpieces but not big into florals? Doily-covered stones are a unique accent for a rustic living or dining room. The doily is hand-dyed in tea for a subtly aged look, while the contrast of the stone against the yarn highlights the doily’s intricate beauty. For an elegant and refined centerpiece, arrange a trio of stones in a hammered metal dish with a sprig of lavender.
After a while, faux florals can look dusty and outdated at the center of your table. These doily-covered stones offer a refreshing take on table decor. Plus, they bring the charms of nature indoors but are just as low maintenance as fake flowers. When you’re ready to retire them as a centerpiece, repurpose them into shabby chic paperweights or bookends if they are heavy enough.
- Doily
- Mason jar
- Black tea bag
- Hot water
- Craft stick
- Tongs
- Paper towel
- Blow-dryer
- Rock
- Mod Podge
- Disposable gloves (optional)
- Medium paintbrush
- Disposable gloves
- Scissors
DIY Everywhere
1. Steep a black tea bag in a mason jar filled with hot water. Submerge a doily into the tea using a craft stick, and let it soak for 30 minutes.
2. Remove the doily with tongs, and place it on a paper towel to dry. Dry both sides of the doily with a blow-dryer.
3. Put on disposable gloves. Paint the top of a smooth stone with Mod Podge.
4. Place the doily on top of the Mod Podge. Press and hold the doily to the rock, and blow-dry the doily until it sets.
5. Repeat around the edges of the rock until you've glued the entire doily to its surface.
6. Trim the doily where it’s gathered or folded at the corners.
7. Glue the edges into place with the Mod Podge and blow-dry.
8. Create additional doily-covered stones to have enough for a chic centerpiece.

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