Make a seasonal wreath using rope

With the changing of seasons, it's always fun to redecorate your home. Some may believe that wreaths are only for the holidays. In reality, a wreath is a gorgeous piece of decor that translates across multiple seasons and can work with many themes.
For this project, you only need a few simple supplies to easily transform your front door, entryway or any wall for the current season. For spring, select gently muted pastels. For fall, opt for more neutrals, maroons and stunning bursts of orange. The sky is truly the limit, so let your creative ideas flow!
- Wreath form
- Rope (the tutorial uses two colors)
- Hot glue gun and hot glue
- Scissors
- Garland or fake flowers
- Fishing line
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1. Hot glue the end of a piece of rope onto the wreath form, and cut a generous length of rope from the spool.
2. Wrap the rope through the hole in the center and back out, repeating the process until the rope covers the entire form.
3. When you get to the end of the rope, or you're finished with the first color, secure it to the form with hot glue. Trim the end if necessary.
4. Repeat steps 1 to 3 with another piece of rope in the same color if the first wasn't long enough, or add a second color, looping on top of the first color but allowing some of it to show through.
5. Weave the garland or flower stems through a piece of rope in a decorative way. Secure them to the wreath if necessary with hot glue.
6. Cut a long piece of fishing line, and create several loops at one end, knotting them together to create a single loop that's fairly sturdy.
7. Wrap the other end of the fishing line once around the wreath, putting it through the loop. Tighten it to secure the wreath to the fishing line.

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