Chicest shoe upgrade ever: Add a design to your flats with a doily stencil

Want to add personality to your footwear? Transform a pair of flat, closed-toe mules with only a doily and some spray paint. The result: shoes that are a little bit quirky, a little bit preppy and a whole lot of fun.
If you want to customize the project, play with shoe and paint color combinations. For example, white mules with a navy doily design fit a nautical style. Although you could use ballet flats or another type of shoe for this project, closed-toe mules work best because there’s more surface area for the stencil. It’s also easier to cover the back of the shoe or the parts that you want to leave as is.
- Flat, closed-toe mules
- Painter’s tape
- Paper
- Doily
- Drop cloth
- Rust-Oleum Painter’s Touch 2X Ultra Cover Gloss White
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1. Cover the exposed edges of the soles with painter’s tape. Fold under the excess tape.
2. Stuff each shoe with crumpled paper. Cover the back of each shoe with paper, and fold the edges under the heel. Tape the paper in place. Cover every part of the shoe that you don’t want spray-painted.
3. Place a doily on the front of one shoe. Fold the edges around the inside of the shoe and under the sole. Tape into place. Make sure the doily fits around the contours of the shoe and is as flat and secure as possible.
4. Place the shoe on a drop cloth.
5. Spray-paint the front of the shoe until you've covered all areas of the stencil.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 on the second shoe.
7. Let the shoes dry overnight before removing the tape and paper.

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