Take your home decor to the stars with this hanging starburst project

A fun way to liven up any room is with a piece of hanging decor. Accent pieces don’t always need to be placed on a table or mantle; try going vertical instead. A starburst can be an easy way to experiment with a hanging decor piece. The modern design in the color of your choice will help add visual excitement to an empty corner of a room. 
Create a starburst using straws and wallpaper. This project is easy enough for even the youngest crafter and doesn’t even require hot glue. Pick your favorite peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper, and by the end of the afternoon, you’ll have a fun and unique piece to hang.
- Peel and stick wallpaper or contact paper
- Painters tape
- Plastic straws, at least two dozen
- Pencil
- Ruler
- Scissors
- Plastic zip tie
- Pliers
- Twine
1. Roll out a length of wallpaper, and hold down the corners with painters tape.
2. Take one of the straws and note its length on the wallpaper. Make a mark at that point.
3. Using a ruler, draw a line on the wallpaper at that point. Cut along the line you drew. 

4. Retape the piece of wallpaper you cut out. Place a straw at the bottom edge and roll the paper around it. Mark and cut out the strip.
5. Peel the backing off the wallpaper and carefully wrap it around the straw. Roll it gently and a few times with your hands to get a clean finish. Repeat this with all the straws. 

6. Collect the wrapped straws in one bundle, and fasten it with a zip tie around the middle. Tighten it enough so no straws will fall out, and use scissors or clippers to trim the plastic tail of the zip tie. 

7. Pull the straws down, bending them outward to make a starburst. Continue positioning them until you are happy with the result. 

8. Grab the end of a roll of twine, and tie it firmly around the middle of the starburst. Trim the twine.
9. Pull a couple feet of twine from the roll, and cut it to create a tail to hang the starburst.

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