Buy a plastic straw at the store & copy this simple idea

Who likes a ring on the coffee table? No one! They're embarrassing to leave and a nightmare to get rid of. But no one wants to deny their guests a drink. Instead of dealing with endless rings, make your own set of coasters with plastic straws and resin.
The beauty of a clear resin is that you can create your own design and the look of your coasters. You can choose to use alternating colors or go for a monochromatic look. Try using a silicone baking mat with a round mold shape to make for easy removal when your resin cures and dries. Let your creativity flow with glitter, sparkles, beads or more. Go with the flow, and soon you’ll have your own set of colorful and fun coasters.
- Silicone muffin tin or round mold
- Paper
- Scissors
- Plastic straws
- Painters tape
- DigiHero Crystal Clear Resin A
- DigiHero Clear Epoxy Hardener B
- Mixing bowl
- Wooden craft stick
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1. Flip the round mold or muffin tin over. Lay a piece of paper over the top, and press the paper around the edges of one of the round areas to make an impression in the paper.
2. Cut out the round impression you made. This will be the base for your coaster.
3. Use scissors to cut the straws in half. Lay a piece of painter's tape sticky-side up. Make sure the piece is longer than the coaster base.
4. Place a straw section in the middle of the painter's tape. Place straws on either side to build up the area.
5. Once you have enough straws to cover the coaster base you cut, place the paper base on top of the layer of straws, and secure it with a strip of painter's tape.
6. Cut around the edge of the coaster base, trimming the straws you originally placed to match the shape of the coaster base.
7. After you trim the straws, remove the coaster base, but leave the bottom strip of tape to keep the straws together in the right shape.
8. Place the straws in the bottom of the silicone muffin tin or round mold in the order that matches the round shape.
9. In a liquid measuring cup, measure 2 ounces of DigiHero Crystal Clear Resin A, then pour it into a mixing bowl. Use a wooden craft stick to scrape all the resin into the bowl.
10. Measure 2 ounces of DigiHero Clear Epoxy Hardener B, and add it to the mixing bowl with the resin. Use your craft stick to thoroughly mix the resin and epoxy. Pour the mixture on top of the straws you placed in the round mold. Allow the mixture to cure and dry, then remove it from the mold.

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