Transform your old laundry basket into something out of a home decor magazine

Laundry isn't exactly fun, but it's essential, right? Just because the task may not be exhilarating doesn't mean the process can't at least look good. With this DIY project, you can completely transform an ugly, plastic laundry basket into something that belongs in a home decor magazine. You won't even mind having the laundry basket out with clothes to be folded when it looks this good.
All you'll need to do to create this laundry basket and drawstring bag is choose the colors that best fit your style and decor. Get a few of the supplies at a local hobby store, and pick up a cheap plastic laundry basket if you don't already have one at home. Follow the tutorial to transform one of your least favorite chores into one of your top three.
- Plastic laundry basket
- Rope (tutorial uses two colors)
- Hot glue gun and glue stick
- Scissors
- 5 pieces of fabric or kitchen towels big enough to cover the sides of the basket
- Iron and ironing board (optional)
- Pins
- Sewing machine
1. Glue one of the ends of rope to the laundry basket, starting at the bottom corner and working your way around the perimeter. Apply hot glue in a few places as you go to ensure the rope stays put.
2. Continue wrapping same color around the basket for about a dozen rows, or about a quarter of the way up the basket.
3. Switch off to a different color, and continue gluing and wrapping the rope around the basket. You can choose how often you switch colors to create a pattern. (The tutorial shows the rope changing colors every few rows, ending with the rust color.)
4. Iron the pieces of fabric, if necessary, to remove any creases.
5. Place two pieces of fabric on top of one another, with the exterior sides touching. Pin along one exterior side.
6. Open up the fabric, and repeat step 5, placing another piece of fabric on top of the far right piece that is pinned and pinning along the exterior edge.
7. Open up the fabric, and repeat the process.
8. Fold in the fabric, and pin the two sides together, creating a loose box.
9. Sew a 1/4-inch seam along all pinned edges.
10. Pin the fifth piece of material to the bottom edges of what you're creating. This will make the "bottom" of your basket.
11. Sew a 1/2-inch seam along the pinned edges.
12. Lay out the rope along the perimeter of the fabric, leaving about 5 inches extra on each end beyond the fabric.
13. Place the rope along the top row, fold the fabric over the rope, and pin the fabric in place.
14. Sew where you pinned the rope, being careful not to attach the rope to the fabric.
15. Knot each end of the rope, and trim the fringe so it doesn't hang down too far.
16. Place this new bag inside the laundry basket, and tie the rope ends together on the outside.
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