Loop together rubber bands & build this elegant idea

If friendship bracelets, boondoggling or macrame inspire waves of childhood nostalgia or memories of summer camp for you, then prepare for a project that brings all of those recollections flooding back.
Rubber band bracelets are the modern incarnation of those classic youthful activities, and they're even more simply mastered. Grab some small rubber brands and a little spare time, and you'll have an accessory that will make your inner tween proud in no time.
- Around 100 small rubber bands equally split among four different colors
- Two pens
- Large bead
- Small plastic S hook
DIY Everywhere
1. Place the first rubber band around the two pens in an infinity symbol so each of the loops is secured to a pen.
2. Place two more rubber bands of alternating colors above the first band on the pens. These two should not cross in the middle but merely wrap around the pens.
3. Take the right loop of the bottom band, and pull it over the top of the right pen, then let go so it curls around the next two rubber bands. Repeat this process with the left loop of the bottom band.
4. Loop a rubber band of the fourth color above the bottom three. Pull the sides of the now-bottom rubber band above the tops of the two pens, so it also circles around the other bands.
5. Continue to place rubber bands of alternating colors above the rest, pulling the sides of the bottom band over the tops of the pens.
6. Once the bracelet has reached half of its total length, push a rubber band through the center of a bead, and attach the sides as you normally would to the pen. Continue with the same weaving pattern until you've reached the desired size.
7. When the bracelet has reached its ideal length, attach one side of the S hook to each of the end rubber bands. Now it's ready to slip on and show off!